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The Big Move is On!

Many changes are in the works. The signage has been ordered and I have begun moving my layouts and inventory from Pennsylvania to Virginia. The move has been an exercise in planning and persistence. There is a lot going on with my personal move and renovations to my house as well as getting things going at the shop.

I am providing an update and some information about how the move is going.

Layout Move

I stated by removing all of the structures, trees, and bridges and anything loose. I cut the wiring and disconnected the control panel. The layout was designed in 5' modules, so I removed the wing nuts and bolts connecting the modules separated them. I then used pieces of scrap lumber to build a rack of sorts over the landscaped layout modules, as shown below.

This enabled me to stack the modules without damage. The photo below shows the stacked modules in my garage ready for loading on the truck.

My wife rented a 15' U-haul truck into which we loaded the modules and well packed boxes of engines, cars, transformers, and other materials.

The photo below shows the modules safely resting in their new home, ready for assembly.

And here the modules are re-assembled ready for restoring the buildings and wiring.

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