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The Atlas HO Scale FMC 5077 Single-Door Boxcar is based on the colorful boxcars used by shippers and railroads from coast to coast. Back in the 1970s many shortline railroads and leasing companies found they could make money by purchasing boxcars and leasing them out under Incentive Per Diem interchange and car hire rules. This opened the door for a flood of new boxcar orders for small railroads that had never owned large fleets of cars. FMC offered up its 50' 5077 Single-Door Boxcar and there were many takers including Railbox and many shortlines. This Atlas model is a replica of the free-runner cars that have operated across the continent beginning in the mid 1970s. The cars feature detailed bodies in early or late styles as appropriate, body-mounted metal knuckle couplers and X-panel roofs.

Atlas CSX 141577 Boxcar HO

SKU: W150-20006206
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