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TTX leasing (originally known as the Train Trailer Company) is owned by many major railroads and hires out its cars for use all across North America. TTX has over 210,000 rail cars in service, 92-94% of which are in use on any given day, making this MAXI-IV unit a common sight on any railroad.


  • Model Features:
  • New Logo TTX appearance.
  • Includes 6 magnetic 53' Intermodal Containers in Canadian Pacific paint.
  • Stable operation with or without container loads due to Kato’s innovative heavier material steel compound plastic used for the construction of the well car.
  • Each container has a magnet and a metal plate to hold it securely to the well car bottom or to the top of the lower Kato container.
  • Shock absorber construction provides smooth and stable operation, with or without the container loads. The KATO Kinematic trucks will maintain the prototypical appearance on straight track while delivering smooth operation on curved track.

N MAXI-IV 53′ Stack Car 3pk TTX #765865/New Logo

SKU: EKAT1066184
$130.00 Regular Price
$117.00Sale Price
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