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Store Background

At CB Train Junction, we’re committed to offering an enjoyable experience.  This includes a unique environment, quality products, great service and a great learning experience..  We strive to always improve so that every visit to the shop will be better than the last.


CB Train Junction is the only shop of its kind offering interesting gifts for visitors and quality products for model railroaders and toy train enthusiasts. Located in Colonial Beach, Virginia near Dahlgren Naval Support Station, it will include local history related to the Dahlgren Railroad that operated during and after WWII.  What started out as a hobby has become our passion. We look forward to continuing our work for years to come!


Owner, Mike Byle, has been a train enthusiast his whole life. He was born into a family where his father and grandfather worked on the railroad. He worked on the railroad as a college student and later professionally as a civil engineer designing railroad bridges and track. He has been involved in model railroading all of his life.  He is a published author on railroad modeling and active member of the National Model Railroad Association, National Association of S-Gaugers, and has won modeling awards at local and national competitions.  He opened the physical shop so that he can share his passion with others, relating the history of railroading and model railroading and providing memorabilia and supplies for those who enjoy trains whether model train enthusiasts, or just having a casual interest.  He restores and repairs classic toy trains and accessories to bring them back to life and creates custom unique models.

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