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A Collection of Articles, Tips & Tricks by Mike

Getting your train ready for the Holidays

If your train has been boxed up or packed away for any length of time this to-do list is for you

Building a Portable Layout

This article documents the construction of a layout that can be disassembled  and set up again easily for transport.  The article was originally published in the NASG Dispatch Magazine.  It was originally S-gauge, but now hosts HO and O gauge trains.

Frugal NYC Modeling in S Gauge Hi-Rail

This article, originally published in the New York Central Modeler Magazine explains some of the modeling options available in S gauge hi-rail, especially repurposing old inexpensive American Flyer equipment.

Building the New York Central Empire State Express 999 from American Flyer Frontier Set

A brief article on how an American Flyer Frontiersman set was converted into a NYC&HR 999 set.


This page provides links to various publications and resources for Model Railroading

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